Come Explore! 

 Children ages 4 and 5

Send your little one on a path of exploration with music as their companion.  We will spend the week engaged in music, movement and more!  Come explore the world of music engaging all four senses and honoring your child's unique learning style. Get their hands on a variety of instruments, making music, building simple instruments from everyday household items. Throw in a little history, math and science along the way!

Let's Make Music!

I'm With The Band!

Children ages 8, 9 and 10

This camp introduces your kiddo to each of the four families of instruments in preparation for joining the band or orchestra in middle school.

Our time together will be spent in all facets of the instrumental world!  Come try instruments from all 4 families, learn the physics behind each instrument and make your own instrument.  We will begin to read the language of music and spend some time playing the recorder with your friends!

Time will be spent experiencing the facets of music through movement and games.

 Children ages 6 and 7

Let's have fun together as we begin a journey into understanding the how, why, where and when of the world of music.  We will be musical detectives; listen and discover how instrumental music is used to make our lives richer.  During our time together we will  discover our ability to make music on a variety of instruments, and journey through history to learn more about the musicians and composers that came before.  Don't worry there will be some moving and shaking going on!

All Things Flute Camp

 Middle School camp- rising 7, 8 and 9th graders

 High School camp- rising 10, 11, and 12th graders

Come spend the week fluting it up with fellow fluters!   Create harmonious sounds in our ensemble time, sharpen your sight-reading skills, learn to fill your tank with air, nail those scales and develop your own unique sound.  Grow  better together!

Placement assessment required.  

Soli Deo Gloria

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