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 Razzmatazz Music Summer Camp

  It's a Family Affair 
Check back for future dates!

 Children ages 5-8

Family, community and team work will be a theme throughout this musical week of camp.  We will have time to explore families of instruments, the community of different musical ensembles and work as a team to create our own musical presentation.


Camp is held the week of June 12th- 16th
9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
Chestnut Ridge Christian Church

Razzmatazz  Music! tm
Exploring music together.
Too bad, so sad;
there is no camp space to be had.
A heart full of gratitude to the lovely community of Chestnut Ridge Christian Church for 5 years of providing a beautiful camp space for Razzmatazz.  Unfortunately they were unable to accommodate us this year.


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